How does Crypto.org staking work?

Crypto.org chain uses DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus, in which users nominate nodes by bonding their coins to a network validator. In return, users receive staking rewards generated by the node. Users are still the owners of their tokens while staking, but they are not able to move them until they unbound their tokens. This unbounding process takes 28 days.

What fee does the moon validator charge?

Currently, there are no fees set. However, a small fee will be required in the future in order to maintain and run the validator in a high quality manner for long term.

Can I stake with my CRO staked in Crypto Earn/Card?

No, your CRO cannot be staked if you are already staking on a different platform. You need to move your tokens to the DeFi APP or to the desktop wallet to stake them on the Crypto.com chain.

Can I stake directly from the Crypto.com app?

No, you need to move your CRO tokens to the DeFi APP or the desktop Wallet.

When will I receive my staking rewards?

Your rewards can be claimed anytime by clicking on the “withdraw rewards” button located at the DeFi APP or the desktop wallet, but be aware that this will cost you some small gas fees, so please always keep extra cro in your wallet

How can I stop my staking?*

The consensus used by the Crypto.org chain includes a slashing mechanism, in which part of the stake of a node might be slashed if it does not behave correctly. Other risks include protocol bugs, network attacks, and bad key management by the user.

Why should I stake with the moon validator?

Please check this article.

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